About Us

On the outset, one might find it odd to combine a group’s love of haute cuisine with their professional interests in clinically-relevant molds and fungi.  But is this really so far beyond the realms of reasonability?  Basidiomycetes such as the Shiitakes and the Chanterelles are coveted worldwide by master chefs of all culinary disciplines, often incorporating the fungi into a wide variety of spectacular dishes.  The fungus whose name this blog’s title has played off of, Aspergillus fumigatus, is in fact known for its own promiscuous palette, having sampled an array of grub from the bar refrigerators of college dorm rooms around the globe.  Thus, following some consideration, it is not that absurd at all to present the recommendations of a small collection of foodies in front of a backdrop of filamentous fungi.

A foodigatus Club transpired in early 2011 from a small group of McGill scientists as an outlet for them to unleash their pretention of the culinary arts to the world in a focused, controlled, and documented environment.  With the contributing authors’ backgrounds as eclectic as the restaurant scene of beautiful Montréal that they call home, this blog promises something for everyone: from elegant dishes to prepare yourself; to the real gems of the city from where to grab a meal and the best wines to enjoy while you eat.  So take a look around, you are bound to find inspiration for an amazing homemade dinner or a night on the town!

Bon appétit,

A foodigatus Club


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